My Second Home


Installation: moving image & sound, CRT TVs, headphones, rugs, cushions, stools, tin cans, palm trees, personal & found objects, dates

The result of a year-long project, Sarah Gaafar's "My Second Home" is an installation of personal & found objects and moving image & sound pieces created in response to the ongoing exploration of her own Egyptian family & heritage and her experience of the diaspora.


Gaafar was heavily influenced by Mona Hatoum's film "Measures of Distance", in which Hatoum reads letters written to her from her mother, who is in Beirut. Hatoum said about Measures of Distance, "Although the main thing that comes across is a very close and emotional relationship between mother and daughter, it also speaks of exile, displacement, disorientation and a tremendous sense of loss as a result of the separation..."


Gaafar began to reflect on her own feelings of distance and displacement from Egypt. Thus, "My Second Home" was born. Gaafar related to Hatoum's expression of displacement in one's country - feeling not quite Egyptian, but not quite British - and thus has built herself a second home, filled with domesticated items and food, in a familiar place - the gallery.