Sarah Gaafar utilises ambiguous narratives and calculated forms – the framing of the image, the distance between artist and viewer, the sound, colour and size, the subtle use of humour, or pain – all are fundamental in Gaafar’s objective to confront, control and question the viewer through imagery and sound.


Exploring intimate themes of race and heritage, gender and sexuality, mental illness, religion and social class, Gaafar’s self-deprecating works perpetuate the difficult artist–audience dialogue, playfully questioning the viewer’s position of power over the artist’s body and identity. Gaafar’s Egyptian heritage, fat body and working-class upbringing too conjure further crucial discussions concerning the gallery space, colonialism and sovereignty within the art world.


Sarah Gaafar (born 1992) is a Scottish-Egyptian multimedia artist based in London, UK. In 2015, Gaafar was awarded a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Fine Art. Gaafar has exhibited in the UK and internationally, including South Korea and Greece in 2018. Alongside her art practice, Gaafar works with children and young people across London in various community projects.