Ghost of His Former Self
Black & white 35mm photography

In this photographic series, Sarah Gaafar collaborated with her brother, Amir Mayo-Jones, in their childhood home. Raised in a household of trauma, poverty and mental illness, Gaafar wanted to convey an atmosphere of antiquity and eeriness. Influenced by the works of artist Richard Billingham, who explored the theme of family, trauma and domesticity, Gaafar began to look at her own childhood experiences through an artistic lens. The subject in these images no longer lives in this house but has become part of it, His memories and body ingrained in the old walls and dusty windows. He wants to leave here but can never really. Although he moves on, his memory remains fixed. He has become a Ghost of His Former Self.

"Ghost of His Former Self" was featured in the July 2018 edition of Wotisart? magazine. You can find out more information and purchase a copy of the magazine here: