Horrified Woman (THX)


Moving image & sound


The Horrified Woman, alone, runs through empty streets and shopping malls, haunted by the sound of THX. The Horrified Woman cannot run or hide from THX. She cannot see THX, but THX is always there. She tries to distract herself with vices such as fast food and cigarettes, but like smoke, THX still lingers. Through the use of humour and self-deprecation, Gaafar stands face-to-face with the severe and debilitating anxiety she has suffered her whole life. The amateur camera style and familiar shopping malls brings an uncanny and bizarre atmosphere, one that reflects the experience of anxiety and emphasises the panic of not being able to escape. There is a surreal narrative in "Horrified Woman (THX)". In this film, THX literally represents anxiety, and the Horrified Woman will never get away.


Gaafar came up with the concept for "Horrified Woman (THX)" after reading Barbara Creed’s book, The Monstrous-Feminine – in this book, Creed analyses the seven “faces” of the monstrous-feminine: archaic mother, monstrous womb, vampire, witch, possessed body, monstrous mother and castrator. Gaafar was interested in the representation of the woman in horror, and began to reflect on her own horrifying experiences suffering with mental illness. Thus, the Horrified Woman was born – a possessed body; a feminine body that is possessed by anxiety; whose body is possessed by THX.

"Horrified Woman (THX)" was shown in Youth #2, a group exhibition at CICA Museum in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea in June 2018.