Let's go to lunch, habibi / خلينا نـتغـدا، حبيبي

Moving image & sound


Presenting a conversation from different perspectives between Father and Daughter, "Let's go to lunch, habibi" explores ideas of abandonment, anger and longing through disrupted and fragmented storytelling. Gaafar had previously explored the tense atmosphere between Father and Daughter in her film "Baba", a hand-held recording of a day spent with her own Egyptian father in London, UK. Influenced by research on Tacita Dean's 2001 "The Russian Ending" - a series of etchings of scene directions on found postcards showing real-life fatal accidents and natural disasters - Gaafar has developed her own truth into fiction with "Let's go to lunch, habibi", by creating two characters, a setting, writing a script with different acts and direction.

"Let's go to lunch, habibi" was shown at F(r)ictions .3 at DIY Space for London in December 2019.

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