My Father's Favourite Song

Moving image & sound

Following from Gaafar's previous work "Baba", the artist wanted to dig deeper into her relationship with her father. Initially at a loss of how to move forward, Gaafar began to see her own face in her father, until quite literally becoming him in "My Father's Favourite Song". In the background of the film plays her father's favourite song, "In the Hearts of Lovers" by Sheikh Ahmad Al-Tuni. Wearing a cheap fake beard and hair gelled back, Gaafar mimics and copies her father's mannerisms and way of being. "My Father's Favourite Song" is a longing, intimate and somewhat comedic view into the artist's desperation to be close to her father, as well as a prevailing commentary on gender roles and gender performativity.

"My Father's Favourite Song" was featured, along with another of Gaafar's works titled "Egyptian Girl", in Melanin Collective's January 2015 zine OUTSIDER.